Best Way to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

My goal is to you help find the best way to use social media to promote your business when it comes to marketing.

First can you describe the difference between marketing and advertising right now ? If not I don’t wont you to worry. Hopefully you’ll get the gist of it after reading this.

Advertising is just a part of marketing. It is the act of calling attention to something. This can be a positive or negative attention and doesn’t have to be about your product or service.

Marketing is a tad bit hard to explain. The simplest way I can explain it is the process a company uses to reach consumers. That may be over simplified, but in a broad stroke it includes market research, pricing, advertising, how the company communicates to the customers, company outreach, attire, slogans, promotions, how the product looks and so forth.

Best Way to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business
The p’s of marketing

The reason why that matters is some people who endeavor to start a business forget to plan how they are going to market to their consumers. Actually some people forget to figure out who their consumer is going to be. I want you to see the big picture and think of marketing and not just advertising.

Best way to use social media to promote your business

Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of this. What can we expect to see…

  1. Creating your brand
  2. How to market on Facebook video
  3. Facebook must do and must not do list
  4. Twitter Marketing
  5. How to market on Craigslist and other Classified ads
  6. Constructing a basic website
  7. Overview of offline marketing
  8. Basic Budgeting
  9. Contingency plans

Creating your brand

Your brand is the essence of who you are. This is companies vision and passion, ya know the thing that’s hanging in offices that you’re supposed to know. The reason company leaders what all of their employees to know that is branding. They want you to display their brand to the consumers.

For an example, my brand is helping people start their own cleaning business without paying a franchise price. I give valuable information for free. You can check out some of my work at how to start a cleaning business

You need to figure out who you want your consumer to feel about you as a company. Then go about figure out how will you accomplish that.

Think of Chipotle for a moment. Their brand is fast, fresh and locally produced food. They aren’t offering up anything I cant cook at home myself, but I don’t want to have all of that product on hand to go bad at my house. So I go there once a week to get my burrito craving squashed. Chipotle’s brand makes me go there because its what I come to expect from them.

How are you going to create your brand to get repeat customers is up to you.

Things that transcend any social media account

Don’t have time to look at the video? Make sure you follow these short list of things to do and not do for Facebook

To do list

  1. Use a profile picture that your customers will remember
  2. Make sure your CTA ( call to action ) is clear and visable. Try your profile picture and use the CTA button if applicable
  3. If you are using ads, be specific about who get’s to see them. I.E. Don’t promote anti age cream to someone who is 19 or how to make a triple fried twinkie to a health fanatic
  4. Use tracking sysytems to keep up with performance issues.
  5. Make sure to post when your potential customers are likely to see it.
  6. Have a fully functionable fan page and use paid advertising to get your message accros to people who need your product

Don’t do these things

  1. Please don’t leave the about section of your company blank
  2. No need to use a dummy account.
  3. You may think constant posting is a good thing, but it isn’t. Posting to much makes customers blind to your advertising
  4. Don’t forget to ad multimedia to your content. Customers love pictures and videos. Just don’t solely rely on them as sometimes they may not be able to watch a video.
  5. Don’t wait to long to respond when customers request more information. People want information and they want it fast. Try having a FAQ prepared and when you get a unique question and that to the FAQ.
  6. We all know what happens when we make assumptions. Try not to assume anything you do is flawless and is going to work. Try and test everything and alter anything that may hold back conversions.

How to market on Facebook

You cant talk about the best way to use social media to promote your business and not mention Facebook. I know it might seem a little cheezy, but check out this video that I just found. Brian Johnson gives some solid tips

Using the video above is great, but if you don’t have time to watch a video make sure you do the following. Build and maintain an awesome Facebook page. As with any marketing, make sure you have identified your target audience. Your intuition will help you most here.

Make sure you make killer content. If you are not sure how to do that just be authentic. Be responsive to any comments from potential customers so they are aware that your business cares about the individual people. Try to be consistent with your post. Build your personal persona and replicate anything that gives you success.

You should overcome any fear with Facebook ads. It’s a very effective way to get in front of customers.


Twitter Marketing

I’m not big into twitter yet so I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. So here’s another video

How to market on Craigslist or other Classified ads

  1. If you don’t have a catchy title the average person may accidentally pass you up. Try to be clear and descriptive. Short and sweet works best.
  2. Don’t forget your CTA ( call to action ). This can be a link you want them to go to or a phone number you want them to call. Tell the customer what to do and they are more likely to do it
  3. Some people use the search bar when they are ready to buy, so make sure to use any keywords they would search for in the title or body of your ad so you pop up on the search
  4. I don’t think you can use a lot of HTML with Craigslist post at the moment, but try to avoid it nonetheless. If it looks spammy then your customers will think its spam
  5. like earlier you should try to use multimedia. You can insert a picture of your logo, but try to add a picture that conveys your product or service.
  6. Make sure to keep up with Craigslist terms of service when it comes to how much you should be posting. I try not to exceed two new post a day, but I repost through my account twice a week.
  7. Switch up your ads. You don’t want customers to become blind to your ad
  8. As always track your results, test new methods and replicate the best way to use social media to promote your business

Constructing a basic website

To help push your brand it may be useful to have your own website. You have three choices when it comes to building your website.

  • A free service like Weebly or Wix
  • Get a hosting account and use a platform like WordPress.
  • You can outsource the entire procedure to someone else

I prefer the second one, but I understand you may not have the resources or time to do it. So in the beginning you may want to use a completely free web platform. Check out the video on how to build your first website with for free.

What is the best way to use social media to promote your business

Getting your product or service in front of people is only a part of the problem. Finding the  best way to use social media to promote your business is dependent of your target audience and your specific product or service you are providing.

If you only take one thing from this post I hope its to build a clear message, track its process, and change it until you reach the right audience with the response you like. There’s no one real  best way to use social media to promote your business, but you must keep trying until you succeed.

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