Cleaning Business Start up Must Haves

Cleaning Business Start Up Tips

The office cleaning business industry is a low barrier entrepreneurial opportunity that you can start as soon as possible. You don’t need any fancy degrees or tons of previous experience to get started. You don’t even need tons of cash to get started as stated in this free page. The best part about this is you only need a few things to get started.

  • VACUUM. You will need this to take care of the carpeted areas in the office. Your budget determines if you will buy a push vacuum or the backpack variety.I prefer the backpack as I find it to be much faster, but they can run up in price. I don’t have any problem with carrying the backpack besides whenever I do see someone they ask me if I’m trying to join the ghost busters


  • MOP. All of the non-carpeted areas will need to be mopped of course. I would stay away from.


    • CLEANING SOLUTIONS. All-purpose cleaner and streak free glass cleaner


    • TOWELS. You will need at least a dozen to start off with, but the more the better unless you like doing laundry non stop


    • SPRAY BOTTLES. Since its more economical to buy the concentrated solutions you will need at least 2 bottles to start off with


    • BUSINESS LICENSE. This is needed for any upstart to protect yourself. Just call your local court house to find out how to obtain yours.
    • INSURANCE. Being protected from accidents is necessary for your business and your piece of mind


    • RELIABLE WORKER. You in theory could do everything by yourself, but you won’t be able to scale your business or cover for yourself if you fall sick. You can learn how to get reliable workers With this free training


    • VEHICLE. Transportation to and from your contracts is paramount. You will be moving a lot of supplies and at odd times.


    • COMMUNICATION. No you don’t have to be the best speaker ever, but you need to present yourself to potential clients in a professional way.


    • FREE TIME. Most of your contracts will ask you to come in after business hours. Make sure you can commit to that before you sign contracts.


    • PATIENCE. This is critical. Even though the risk and barrier to entry is low you won’t start off making huge contracts. There’s a lot of competition, but there are way more offices that need the cleaning.


Getting into the Cleaning business is easy and if you have the ability to start I suggest you do. Try to avoid franchising so you don’t have to put up an initial starting fee or pay any fees at all such as royalty fees.

Author: Bryan Collins

Hello, I'm in my late 20's and I decided to look up how to make extra income one day to get my car fixed. Next thing you know I'm operating a couple small business and trying out new hobbies and enjoying life 10 times better. What can I say..... that transmission changed my life

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