Dreams vs Goals

Dreams vs goals… which do you think wins out?

Before you read anything write down which do you think wins out when it applies to business. Dreams vs goals…. go ahead and write it down and circle your answer.

<EDIT> After writing this post I came across this video from Michael Warbux. I am subscribed to him and he is awesome, but somehow I missed this video and YouTube believed I should watch it. I am beyond pumped that we agree on dreams vs goals. Check out the video for his awesome presentation on this subject.

We all have dreams. I’m sure most people dream about being able to pay all of your bills, being able to put more than enough food on the table for your family, taking once in a lifetime vacations with all of your families. We all have dreams, but what separates people who no longer dream about those things because it became reality with people who are still dreaming?

They didn’t get lucky. Sure some might have hit the lottery or stumble across oil in their backyard. Do you want to leave it up to luck if your family has enough food on the table?

dreams vs goals
They got lucky. Will you count on luck?

What do winners do?

Winners know how to do one thing… WIN of course. They go out of their way to become the best they can to win. How do they go about that? They make GOALS and the conquer them because that’s all they know. It’s their culture. Is it yours?

Some people may have advantages in life, but usually those can be overcome. Sure you can say you’re not going to beat Michael Phelps in a swimming race even if you practice for a year straight, because his body is genetically enhance for swimming. Unfortunately for that counter argument I’ll point out that since there is approximately 7 billion people here on Earth someone is bound to have a better body suited to swimming then he is, but he’s the one that holds the most medals in the Olympics. Do you know why? Because that man works his tail off more than any other swimmer. I’ve searched his workouts….. I got tired just reading them.

I’m sure somewhere in his life he set goals on how to be the best. I know he dreamed of having the most medals in the Olympics, but he isn’t the only person. Others have had that dream too. The main difference is he made the goals and he lived by those goals. He wanted those medals more than he wanted to have a day off practice. That’s the mindset you need to have.

In order for you to succeed in whatever it is you are going to do, you need to no longer dream about it and start setting goals. SMART goals to be honest.

dreams vs goals
The winner between dreams vs goals comes down to the process

To break down what a SMART goal is

  • Specific.
    • Have clear cut and concise agenda for what you want done
  • Measurable
    • You can manage what you don’t measure. You need to be able to quantify you process.
  • Achievable
    • If the goal is outside of your reach then lower it to a point where you can.
  • Relevant
    • The goal needs to have some connection to the larger picture of the work you are trying to accomplish
  • Time-bound
    • You need specific dates to hold yourself accountable with getting things done

Now a dream will have none of that, but goals will. Stop dreaming of a better life, and set some goals and checklist and get the job done. Don’t do it because I said so, do it because deep down inside you know you deserve better than what you are currently presenting yourself.


Now…. I’m not the greatest writer ever….. but if I was to ask you dreams vs goals right now is your answer the same as before? If it’s goals…. go ahead and write yours down now and get to work.

Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:19 am

Author: Bryan Collins

Hello, I'm in my late 20's and I decided to look up how to make extra income one day to get my car fixed. Next thing you know I'm operating a couple small business and trying out new hobbies and enjoying life 10 times better. What can I say..... that transmission changed my life

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  1. Great article so true, we all have dreams but sometimes we lack dedication, commitment and distraction around us makes us lose focus and what’s important. Not knowing your strengths, what you good at, feeling unworthy… we end up self-sabotaging ourselves and never get thing done, we can apply the above mentioned smart process to discover your strength and how one can achieve their goals in any level out there, as long as you willing to do the ground work first.

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