Hiring Process and Training

Hiring Process Overview

In order for you to make some serious money with this business adventure you are going to need to have your own hiring process. You can only clean so many offices by yourself and for you to see some real R.O.I. ( return on investment ) you will have to form your own team.

The overview of this page:

  1. Hiring process and tips video
  2. How to reach out to potential employees
  3. How to conduct an interview
  4. Hiring your most important employee
  5. Hiring teams
  6. Enhancing your team

I present two options here just like I do on the other pages. I have a video of a big time expert on the subject matter directly below and I provided text below that just in case you want to scan through the material. I recommend both whenever you have the time.

Where to Send Hiring Ads

Getting the help you need to run your business is paramount and needs to be thought through. Pretend you are your ideal employee and just think of how you would like to be reached out to. With that in mind prepare a marketing strategy on how to get a hold of that person.

When I am searching for new employees I make sure to include the phrase ” Experience Required” because its the weakness of people that aren’t planning on taking the job serious. This tip goes for hiring anyone at any position. Even if the right candidate doesn’t have direct experience they will still apply if they thought the job was a good fit.

Try to use your local shopper or weekly newspaper that are usually free versus the newspapers that people have to pay for. The reason I suggest this is simply cost effective strategy. They should be cheaper and you will probaby get the same results.

You can print out flyers for cheap and place them on the bulletin at your local grocery if they allow that. If your city has a college nearby make sure you find out where to place your ads there as students can make great employees.

If you are internet Savvy enough you can build yourself a free webpage at WEEBLY and you can direct all potential hires there. This can be a means of seeing if they can follow instructions and seeing how motivated they are at getting the job.

Your website should include contact information and a job description. This website can also help to get new clients if its hosted and ranked high with local SEO (search engine optimization). I highly suggest it as a well done site can make you seem professional as well. Nonetheless a website may be helpful, but can be costly if you aren’t building it yourself. Pay attention to your profits and if you need help measuring this check out this page to effectively manage the business.

hiring process in action

Interview Suggestions and Tips

Interviews can be just as hard on the person giving them as the person trying to get the job. You need to be aware of the things you can and cannot say during the hiring process.

My first big tip for the hiring process in regards to interviewing is making sure you ask questions that wont land you in court!!! Yes you can ask bad questions and I think you should check out this PDF on illegal or in appropriate interview questions .

Now for some questions that I have asked no matter what job I was hiring for.

Tell me about a time you were late for work or school” I make sure to ask this question so I can get a feel on how honest the person is and figure out what they will do in a situation where they are running late.

“Describe what you think this job description would be” I ask this to verify if they are serious about the job and this is another question I ask no matter what job I’m hiring for. This shows who comes prepared for the interview.

“If you won the lottery for 1 million dollars what would you do” I ask this question to see how motivated they are. If they only list things like vacations and not working then I would put them closer to the bottom part of my hiring potentials. I’m looking for someone who wants to give back to society and if I’m hiring for a different job I might look for the person that will reinvest in themselves to live a better life.

Hiring a Personal Assistant

When you are rolling in the dough and want to automate most if not all of the work then you will need a personal assistant. You will be searching for someone who can be in charge of making sure everyone, including yourself, is getting paid on time. They can also do inspections of the offices to make sure they are being cleaned to standard. You will also want this person to be able to save the day and bring keys to any of the offices if someone locks themselves out while cleaning.

Your personal assistant should be paid more than your average worker and that is why you should hold off until you have a considerable amount of income coming from your contracts. In order for you to afford an assistant you will need to scale your business. Plus there is little need for it in the beginning because you can handle the office work yourself.

Some perks I would offer for your personal assistant would be open hours and salary pay. It could be something as small as $100 a week. Tons of people would jump on that. There shouldn’t be that much paperwork and the amount of time to get this done is short.

It would be best to push them to salary and have them as your backup for employees that cant cover their shifts. Also gives them an incentive to get paper work finished on time as they may be able to get a second job. An ideal person for this job is a college student who is looking for extra cash and not paying huge bills.

Different Teams

There’s no need for all of your employees to clean all of the buildings together. You should keep this in mind during the hiring process. Depending on the needs of the offices or buildings you are cleaning I would suggest no more than 4 people per team.

You’ll want someone you can count on to be the “leader” of the team. This can just be a more experience person or someone who is extremely motivated. Since you wont be at each of the cleanings you will have to rely on the team to carry your brand. Having a designated person in charge is crucial.

You can increase the pay for the PIC ( person in charge ) to motivate people to reach this level. It will also be productive because this person will be responsible for the overall cleaning and in order for someone to take that responsibility extra pay should be involved.

Depending on your contracts you may need a day cleaning crew. Some offices will require you to work during the day and it will be beneficial to have a team dedicated to those hours.

Try to keep the teams together for all of their cleanings. This will help cut the cost of gas as they can carpool. Doing this also builds cohesion between the team members and they will start to work faster and better together after some time. Which means more contracts can be done with the same amount of people.

Ongoing Training

Your PIC can also be your trainer to aid in the hiring process. It may be best to over schedule employees when a new person is hired. You will send out the usual team plus the new person. It will cut into profit for that night, but the PIC will be able to train the new person so they will be able to give you quality work asap.

Depending on how big your company is and if you have an administrator assistant yet you should be able to delegate your ongoing training. I strongly suggest random check up visits to the offices regardless if its you or your assistant. Try to do them as soon as the office employees get there and tell them you are just checking in and you don’t want to be in their way. You should be able to get around and check to see if everything is cleaned to your standard as much as the offices standard.

After you or your assistant has checked on the cleaning you should have a report printed up and you can meet with the PIC of the team and go over anything that you did not like. If you want you can compile the list of all of the offices each team has cleaned and go over it all at once. Make sure to do this even if the cleaning is top notch. You want to praise them as much as correct them in the hiring process as well as during the training period.

For another short video on training check this out

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