Quick and Easy Money

Alternative Way to Earn Money by Cleaning

You’re business is either just starting and you need a few extra dollars or you are looking for an extra way to bring in income then this is for you. Here are some quick and easy money ideas you can implement soon.

Quick and Easy Money

You don’t need long term standing contracts of cleaning office buildings to make money in this industry, what you need is to set yourself apart from the rest. I’m about to share with you one of my biggest secrets that allowed me to make extra income when I first started off.

***After party gigs***

Nobody likes to clean up after a party they just had, depending on the party they are to drunk, and people will jump over the opportunity to have someone clean it up for them.

quick and easy money
I doubt they will be able to help clean afterwards

Just stop and think about the opportunity I am presenting before you click away from this page. If you are by a college campus that throws house parties you are sitting on a goldmine. You know they don’t want to clean up themselves, but they would love a clean house the day after the party.

“They cant afford to pay for this service…. they are after all broke college kids.”

I had that thought before I started. So I figured out a way to for them. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me. So the first person I contacted about this opportunity was in for a shock when he told me he couldn’t afford it and I told him it didn’t matter if he was broke.

I knew he collected money from most of the guest for an undisclosed drink. I told him to just add to the sign he used. I even went out of my way to redo the sign for him. I just added “Help me keep this place clean for the next party for an extra buck. Nobody but ( rival school ) wants to party in filth”……. boy did that sign work!!!!

Our deal was to split the pot 75 to 25. I collected the 25% for my crew and myself.

If you don’t have a crew or a cleaning business run to How To Start A Cleaning Company On A Budget¬†and find out how to get started.

The student who had the party didn’t care a single bit, because the 75% was more than double what he usually made. I had helped him get a clean house and more money with our small contract.

Let’s be Honest Here

This was way more work than our average clean. So I split our earnings evenly between my crew and I instead of taking the lions share. My crew had made more money than what they would have made if they were at a normal client of ours. This became one of our favorite gigs.

Nothing is funnier than having to roll freshmen out of the way so you can vacuum in the morning.

This is a tough clean. Make sure to bring lots of trash bags and gloves. Lucky for you they will not hold you to the same standard as a small doctors office would with the clean. You are more of making it somewhat presentable in the shortest amount of time possible.

Setback and Push Forward

The biggest problem we had was how often we could get a big enough party to make this worth it for us. We sought out after finding other gigs similar to this one.

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties that are thrown in a house proved to be another source of income. Our trend has been after college parties happening in the fall while we get a trickle of Bachelor parties during the spring. So we looked for something that can fill in the gaps.

Baby showers was our next target and that proved to be some quick and easy money as well. We couldn’t charge as much for these, because the house didn’t get destroyed as much as the freshman parties, but they happen all year around.

You can take these ideas and use them to supplement your business. If you just want a quick and easy money gig then you and one other person can tackle them and you can skip the entire operation. It’s up to you, I just felt like sharing how I was able to make a lot of money with just 2 hours or less with each gig. The best part is you don’t have to pay me a single penny for this

Now isn't that a quick and easy money you can do
Now isn’t that a quick and easy money you can do?
Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:11 am

Author: Bryan Collins

Hello, I'm in my late 20's and I decided to look up how to make extra income one day to get my car fixed. Next thing you know I'm operating a couple small business and trying out new hobbies and enjoying life 10 times better. What can I say..... that transmission changed my life

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