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How to Grow Your Cleaning Business

This can be very tricky for some people and it knocks the best of workers right out of the entrepreneur lifestyle. Not knowing how to increase your cleaning business can be a huge burden. The biggest problem is making sure you have enough workers to scale and enough cash available to get the work done.

An overview of this page:

  1. Paulo Veras’ video
  2. Hiring new employees
  3. Hiring at 110%
  4. Central supply center
  5. Not overreaching yourself
  6. Increasing growth

I present two options here just like I do on the other pages. I have a video of a big time expert on the subject matter directly below and I provided text below that just in case you want to scan through the material. I recommend both whenever you have the time.

Hiring New Employees

In the beginning you will try to have as few employees as possible because cost of labor is a huge debt to your company. The cleaning supplies are cheap, but paying a team of 3 people to clean an office can cut into the contract big time. That’s why you need to make sure you write up the contract to cover the cost.

You will want to make sure your new employees are up to par and you can find out how to do that at HIRING NEW EMPLOYEES.

Hiring at 110%

Hiring employees has a balancing act to it. You cant keep everyone happy if you have more employees than work. They won’t get enough hours from you and if they aren’t making enough money they will leave your business. You want your turnover to be as low as possible so you can build cohesion with your teams.

Now if you have few too many employees you will run into another set of problems. Even if you know how to expand your cleaning business You won’t be able to do so as fast as you want because you wont have enough coverage for new buildings.

You will also run into a problem of not being able to cover shifts if someone cant work. My least favorite problem to have with not having enough employees is not being able to discipline your workers. When your workers feel like you cant tell them anything or fire them, you will lose control of them.

You will have to learn your own personal balance when it comes to how many employees you have. I personally rather be aggressive and make sure I always have enough so I can add one more small contract. The employees can make a decent living and you can always expand into new markets.

Over time you may get specialized jobs and you will want to know before hand who can do what. If you have high turnover that will be difficult to keep up with.

Supply Center Where Employees Can Fill Up

Depending on how many contracts and how much money you have, you may want to divide all of your employees into teams. You can use MIC ( managers in charge ) to distribute the supplies you need. You can have them meet up weekly at a selected destination so they can get all new supplies.

This weekly pickup can serve multiple needs. You will have all your MIC’s in one place so you can brief them on any changes. Resupplying them and making sure they are using the proper products is a plus. This is also great time to go over any inspections you may have done.

The supply center can be your house, or if you have a van you can pack everything needed and meet in a central location.

Making Sure You Don’t Overreach Yourself

To earn more money you will need to scale the business. Unfortunately if you’re accidentally decreasing or staying steady to long with your cleaning business you may knock yourself right out of the contracts you already have.

If you take on too many contracts at once you may not have sufficient employees to work them and if nobody shows up for a cleaning you will probably lose the contract quickly. You may even run out of supplies to get the job done. Each team will need its own major supplies like a vacuum. A good rule of thumb would be to make sure a vacuum can be present at each location before you look to add on a contract.

INCREASING GROWTH For Your Cleaning Business

Before you decide on taking on new contracts you should evaluate if you can manage the business effectively if you expand more. You don’t want to come across cash flow issues so proper measuring techniques need to be utilized.

how to grow your cleaning business
We all want to grow at a rate like this

You should be looking at your projected income and determining how many clients you want to have at least 3 months out.  This number may in fact be just the same, but if you feel you can take on more then prepare for it.

In order to get a fantastic understanding on how to get new customers I strongly endorse Sam Rodman’s book Cleanup the Profits. He’s an expert on how to quickly scale your cleaning business who gives you a detailed blueprint of how to start the bid process, how much to bid on an office, and how to follow up to seal the deal. I know it works because this is how I amplified my business following his methods.

Seriously, I don’t think anything else can motivate you more than getting over 120 pages of information on how to change your life for the better in this industry. Not only will you learn his way on how to grow your cleaning business, in the bonus chapters you learn how you can get specialized cleaning contracts that brings in a ton of money. I know a few people who just focuses on these bonuses that you can get HERE.

There’s quick bonuses can help you grab some extra cash quickly to help you quickly expand your business. If you want to make the kind of money he’s making ( 5 figure months ) then his book is the way to go!

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