Start Now or be Left Behind

Why Should You Start Now?

You should start right now, because the rest of your life and the people that are close to you are dependent on what you do in the present. This opportunity to make extra money or replace your income is easy. The hardest part is motivating yourself to start now. If you dont know where to start check out how to start now with a small budget.

Start now to get a head start
Start now to get a head start

Business Owners Make More Money

Who do you think makes more money?

A. Employee

B. Employer

Yes so why are you thriving to be just an employee? Now I understand not everyone on this planet can be at the top of the business model, but I don’t think you are everybody. You’re just one step away. The fact that you are looking into starting your own business confirms you are tired of being an employee.
money is not everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen - Zig Ziglar

This is very true and as much as I hate to admit it, the extra income isn’t the biggest impact this has had on me. The freedom I have acquired, because of the money, is my motivation to share this information on the website with others. There isn’t a day where I am not thankful I started because of my evil transmission going out.

Stability is in Your Hands

As Zig Zigler points out money is not everything. You can have a high stress job that makes more money than cleaning offices, but you may not be as happy. Meeting extreme expectations or you can lose your job can affect your health and happiness.

The expectations of a cleaned office is a lot lower than the expectations of you turning in an important presentation after you bombed the last two. Here you’re your own boss. Yeah it comes with the stress of dealing with your employees, but wouldn’t you rather be the boss than to listen to one who doesn’t understand why you are 5 minutes late…

You Control Your Hours

You essentially control your own hours. You can choose to clean only on the weekends so you can supplement your current income. The option to work from 6pm ( when most offices are emptied out ) until the workers come in the next day provides plenty of flexibility for you.

Sure you have to coordinate when you will work with when the offices want you to clean.  To offset this, make sure you make your availability known before anything is set in stone.

Growth in this Industry

The growth in this industry is tied to the SnP 500 index fund I have noticed. When companies are making more money they spend extra cash to clean their offices. They hate doing it and are willing to pay people to clean them for them.

Lucky for us it is more expense and wasteful to have a full time janitor than it is to hire a cleaning company. If you start now you can get in while this economy is on the upswing.

The more you wait, they less likely it is that you will follow through with this. I think it is very important to start now even if it is small simple steps. Just get out there and get the ball moving.

Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:16 am

Author: Bryan Collins

Hello, I'm in my late 20's and I decided to look up how to make extra income one day to get my car fixed. Next thing you know I'm operating a couple small business and trying out new hobbies and enjoying life 10 times better. What can I say..... that transmission changed my life

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